Team Titan

Samantha Andrew - Special Education

  • Born in Round Rock, however I spent a part of my childhood living in Cleveland, Ohio. I received my Bachelor of Science from Texas State University in 2015. My courses of study were Criminal Justice (Pre-Law) and Psychology with emphasis on Juvenile Justice and Adolescent Psychology.  In 2009, I became a Juvenile Detention Officer, and spent 8 years serving the youth and their families of both Travis and Williamson counties. In 2016, I was given the amazing opportunity to serve families all over the state of Texas as a Conservatorship Specialist with DFPS. Since I was 4 years old, I believed my purpose was to serve children, and my journey has taken me away from court rooms and placed me into the classroom. I believe my unique path and training opportunities have blessed me with the ability to make an impact with our students and their families. 

    When I'm not in the classroom you can usually find me; spending time with my 3 children, reading, swimming, doing yoga or in the garage with my husband working on our custom trucks.   

    My "Why"

    I am an educator because; empowering and helping students heal in order to be the change our world needs, sets my soul on fire.

    What is BCS? 

    Tippit’s BCS Program is a process for managing the behavior of students who are behaviorally at-risk and who have not responded to campus code of conduct interventions, classroom management strategies, or small-group interventions.

    BCS provides individualized behavior education services to students with serious emotional or behavioral issues.

    BCS teaches behavioral expectations primarily in mainstream settings.

    BCS employs daily and weekly behavioral analysis to guide intervention using an FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) approach.

    BCS is an alternative to the levels-system approach to services for students.  

    BCS staff provide consistent, ongoing support for students, work to reinforce replacement behaviors and motivate students via frequent supervision and by providing positive incentives that encourage growth. All intervention decisions are made by each student’s BCS team and are driven by a functional analysis of the student’s behavior supported by daily data collection. 

    BCS is a collaborative effort by all key stakeholders in a student’s school life. Parents, administrators, the BCS staff, mainstream teachers, and others partner in their efforts to effectively support positive behavior change.

    Phone: 512-943-5040