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18+ Services Overview

  • Both Bridges and  Bridges 18+ programming in GISD is provided as an extension of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Programing is appropriate for students who meet eligibility and whose ARD committee agrees there is a need for supports during the student’s transition to life after high school.  Services for students are customized to meet their individual needs, as outlined by annual goals and objectives.

What is GISD Bridges 18+?

  • Bridges is designed to support students by helping them apply the skills they have learned in school to their adult life.  The Bridges program design is community and vocationally based; the focus is putting an adult schedule in place. These schedules include needed supports and are structured to help students access adult life as they transition out of public education. Bridges programming is located off the student’s home campus. Bridges 18+ services are designed to increase student independence and functional skills needed to meet daily living requirements. Students in the Bridges 18+ program may participate in community-based instruction.