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    Ms. Kimberly Keller
    Wolf Ranch Elementary

    Contact Info:


    512 943-5050 xt. 6524

    About Kimberly Keller:  the art teacher at WRE


    I am a fifth generation Native Texan, with a full agrarian family background complete with farming and ranching.  I am the first one on either side of my family to go to College.  I graduated from Southwestern University here in Georgetown, after trying 2 semesters at Texas A&M, it was just too big for a small-town girl in the early 1980s. I am certified K-12 and received my AP training and secondary certification from University of Texas.  I am dyslexia trained, ELPS instructor, reading specialist and New Jersey Writing Project graduate. I have a minor in Art and majored in Education with a kindergarten endorsement. 1985


     I knew I wanted to be an artist at age 9.  My third-grade teacher said I could not be an artist, and to choose to be a secretary or a mom.  It was a hard road but, I proved that sometimes those who tell you “NO you can’t” are just not smart enough to say, “YES, You can!” 


    I have been teaching since 1985.  Ten of my first years were spent teaching Kindergarten here in Georgetown ISD.  Then I taught art at Annie Purl in 1994.  I have taught at the Georgetown High School, almost the same as kindergarten, just bigger clothes! Then Cooper Elementary was where I hung my art brushes for many years followed by a good run for several years at the High School again as the painting and ceramics teacher.  I ran a business called paint With Me Kimberly Keller until Covid threw a wrench in my world. I shut it down, my husband was laid off and I thought, well, maybe someone needs an art teacher…… I became a Wolf Ranch Pioneer in the middle of Sept 2020, and it has been the thrill of my teaching career!  Beautiful campus, the real star ship enterprise on land!  AMAZING staff and completely INSPIRING STUDENTS!!  I am honored to teach your child(ren).  Peace be with you.


    Ms. Keller’s Schedule for 2021-22 School Year


    AM 730-8 Bus Duty and Car Duty

    8-850 fourth grade

    855-945 third grade

    950-1040 second grade

    1040-1130 conference

    1130-12 lunch

    PM 12-1230 lunch duty

    1230-120 first grade

    125-215 kindergarten

    220-310 Fifth grade

    310-340 Car/Bus duty (first day 430)