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  • Details are subject to change as directives from governing authorities, health officials, or environmental conditions may determine.

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    Families can now log into Skyward and indicate their preference for learning via on-campus or remote instruction for the remainder of the school year, starting September 10. Parents are asked to commit to their preferred choice for each student in their family by August 6 using the 2020-2021 Commitment Form now available online in Skyward Family Access for both returning students and new students whose online enrollment application has been approved. If we do not receive a form selection for a student, we will assume your student will be attending school in-person on September 10.    
    Helpful instructions are included on our website for reference or you can email for assistance.

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In-person Instruction FAQ

  • Are students and staff required to wear masks?

  • My child has a learning disability. How can I get apply for a mask exemption for him/her?

  • Will there be temperature checks before entering school each day?

  • Will there be COVID-19 testing for staff and students?

  • What if my child attends school in-person and gets sick, or someone in his/her class gets sick?

  • If there are limited in-building capacities, how will students be chosen?

  • Will Special Education students receive preferences for in-building instruction?

  • Will Dual Language students be given preference to be educated in person?

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