• What is Eduphoria?

    Eduphoria is a suite of software used in Georgetown ISD as a tool for educators that delivers support for data disaggregation, assessment creation, lesson planning, appraisals, and professional development. As an employee, when you log in to the GISD Eduphoria web portal, you will have access to all of the Eduphoria component programs appropriate to your job function. Your Eduphoria username and password are the same as your GISD computer username and password.

    The component programs of Eduphoria used district-wide include:
    • Eduphoria Aware
      • Track and analyze student testing data
      • Create your own student assessments using the options of bubble sheets or online testing
    • Eduphoria Forethought
      • Curriculum documents and lesson plan creation. Use of Forethought for lesson planning is required at some but not all campuses.
    • Eduphoria Strive 
      • Employee professional growth that covers your evaluation process and goal setting.
      • Professional Learning registration
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