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    Blackboard is the district's web-editing software. 


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      • Blackboard is the district's web-editing software.  The following are tutorials and support for GISD staff. 

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      GISD Teacher Website Requirements & Resources

      • Teacher web pages are a public-facing reflection of Georgetown ISD’s communication efforts with students, parents, and the community. As such, they must be kept professional, up to date, and meet federal accessibility guidelines under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

      GISD employees use Blackboard to edit and publish websites. The GISD Digital Learning Team has worked collaboratively with the GISD Communications & Community Relations department to establish teacher website requirements and best practices. 


Getting Started with Blackboard

    • Every classroom teacher in Georgetown ISD is expected to maintain a web page on their school website. The following information must be included on the page:
      • Teacher’s first and last name 
      • Grade level and/or courses you currently  teach
      • Work phone number including your classroom phone extension
      • GISD email address
      • Conference time(s)
    • [Video] Updating Your Teacher Website
    • Please review the following documents to make sure your website complies with our district standards.

      If you have any questions or need assistance, please put in a Service Desk Request for your DLC.

Do More With Blackboard

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    • [video] Add (or Edit) Required Information on Your Blackboard WCM Website in a Content App


Can't Get Enough Blackboard?

    • [video] OPTIONAL BUT ENCOURAGED: Add a Photo of Yourself to Your Web Page

    • [video] OPTIONAL: Add Helpful Web Links to Your Blackboard WCM Website



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