Reflector for Wireless Display of Your GISD iPad

  • Reflector is a program that can be installed on your computer so you
    Reflector Icon
    can wirelessly display your iPad on your computer screen and send the sound from your iPad through your computer speakers. If your computer is connected to a projector, you can project an image of your iPad as well. Using Reflector allows you the flexibility of moving around the classroom while presenting from your iPad. 
    It is important to note that because of the way our wireless system is configured for security, only GISD owned iOS devices will be able to display on your computer. Personally owned employee and student devices will not be able to "talk" to Reflector on a GISD computer. 
    The instruction sheet below will get you started with installing Reflector on your computer (a one-time operation) and basic mirroring of your iPad to your computer. For a demonstration of basic Reflector use and more advanced uses of Reflector, such as mirroring multiple iPads at the same time and recording what is happening on your iPad for later playback, please view the videos which are posted further down on this web page.
    Basic Mirroring of Your iPad Using Reflector
    Guide to Reflector Settings and Options
    Using Advanced Features in Reflector