• What is Screencastify?

    Screencastify is a Chrome extension that allows you to:

    • Record your screen or tab and audio

    • Record your screen

    • Record your screen and webcam

    • Record yourself via webcam

    • Record your document camera via webcam

    • Record your audio and save as .mp3 file

    • Save videos to Google Drive

  • How to Use Screencastify
    Ideas for Using Screencastify with Students:
    • Use with Google Jamboard to demonstrate math/science problems, writing tips, underline text while you teach, or other annotating style lessons.

    • Use with Google Slides to record your already created content and lesson.

    • Demonstrate how to do something on a website or in a Google Doc.

    • Record the webcam only to send a personalized message to your students.

    • Use with your Document Camera to teach a lesson.

    • Have students record themselves speaking, reading, or demonstrating their understanding.

    • Post videos in Google Classroom.


    How to use your Document Camera with Screencastify to Record a Lesson
    1. Plug in the USB cable from your document camera into your laptop

    2. Power on the document camera

    3. Click on the Screencastify Chrome Extension

    4. Select Webcam Only

    5. Make sure you microphone is turned on

    6. Next to Camera: click on the drop down arrow to select your document camera INSTEAD of Integrated Webcam

    7. Click Record to record your lesson using your document camera