If you have any questions about your students math learning at Village don’t hesitate to contact your teacher. Using the resources that are in this brochure regularly is a great way to assist with success for your student in math!

    letter Think Math Family Letters

    Family letters from each chapter of Think Math (GISD’s math curriculum) are a great way for you to find out what type of math learning is going on in your child's classroom. It can answer questions you may have about how your students are learning math, familiarize yourself with vocabulary they are using, and may be useful to help with strategies for homework.

    Family letters are available from your child’s teacher. They may be sent home every chapter or available on request.

    Think Central Onlinethinkmathol

    Parents and students can access the Think Central website from the Village home page under the For Students tab. This is where students and parents can find their textbook as well as books that are used for class work and homework. If your library is empty check with your teacher so they can add resources. Username and password are the same that students use to log in to computers at school. K-2 parents you may have to get this information from your teacher.

    Think Math Online


    Students can access Think Math Online for Students from the Village home page under the For Students tab. This is where students can play games and access mini lessons that correspond with content they are learning in class.

    STAAR Grades 3-5



    The Texas Education Agency, which administers the STAAR test offers information on policy, skills assessed and practice questions. Check out their website for information on anything to do with math and STAAR.


    Think Central Online


    Think Math Online




    Village Website for Students