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    Georgetown High School #EFND
    943-5100 ext 7022

    Room 167




    Remind - to receive text message reminders about tests, labs, and projects in PAP Chemistry please text @papchem to 81010 and in IPC text @HodgsonIPC to 81010.  You can also download the Remind app.  Click here for instructions.

    Online Textbook Access 


    My Education & Teaching Background

    Bachelor of Science Texas A&M University  

    Science Composite Teaching Certificate

    A graduate of Georgetown High School

    17 years of teaching experience

    Texas A&M University Website



     2018-2019 Class Schedule

    A Day

    B Day

    1st Period: PAP Chemistry  

    1st Period: PAP Chemistry

    2nd Period: PAP Chemistry 

    2nd Period: IPC

    3rd Period: PAP Chemistry (C lunch)

    3rd Period: IPC (C lunch)            

    4th Period: Conference 

    4th Period: PAP Chemistry                                

    5th Period: Conference

    5th Period: Conference 

    Chemistry Course Information and Handouts

    Safety Contract

    Science Lab Safety Rules

    Homework Credit Card

    Periodic Table (with s,p,d,f and oxidation states)