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    Abby Ray

    AP English IV and English III 

    East View High School
    Phone: 943-5000 x. 8060
    Email: raya@georgetownisd.org


    My Schedule:

    1: AP English IV
    2A: AP English IV
    3A: APEnglish IV 
    4A: English III
    5: English III

    1: AP English IV
    2B: English III
    3B: English III
    4B: Conference
    5: English III
    Click below for: 
    English III Daily Agenda - Fall Semester
    AP English IV Daily Agenda  - Fall Semester
    A copy of all daily handouts can be found in my Google Classroom.
    AP English IV Google Classroom Code: akw5d8x
    English III Google Classroom Code: v2cs81