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    • Bachelor of Arts from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington
    • Master of Education from University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts
    • 20th year teaching, 18th year teaching in GISD, 8th year at EVHS, 
    • 2007 Japan Memorial Fulbright Fund Scholar to Japan
    • 2010 Goethe Institute Fellowship (Transatlantic Outreach Program) to Germany
    • 2013 Fulbright-Hays Fellow: Religious Plurality in India Sudy Tour
    • 2014 Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History Scholar at the University of Colorado - Boulder
    • 2015 Smithsonian Institute American Art Museum Summer Scholar in Washington, DC
    • 2015 TEACH Fellowship Study Tour to Bahrain, Qatar, & United Arab Emirates
    • 2016 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar at New York University / City Lore
    • 2018 Fulbright-Hays Dimenstions of China Study Tour (Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Guilin, Shenzhen, & Hong Kong)


     AM Tutorials
    (M-Th Only)
     AM Tutorials
     AB 1     Conference  8:50-9:35  AB 1  Conference
    A 2    World Geography  9:40-11:15  B 2    World Geography
    A 3    Team Planning  11:20-1:25 B 3    World Geography
     A 4    World Geography  1:30-3:00  B 4    Sociology
    AB 5   World Geography  3:05-3:55 AB 5    World Geography
     PM Tutorials
    (M-Th Only)
     PM Tutorials 

     SUPPLY LIST           

    • 3-Ring Binder 
    • Colored Printer Paper
    • Agenda/Pass Book (provided by EVHS)
    • #2 Pencil/ Pen (blue or black ink)
    • Pack of Colored Pencils
    • Earbuds (compatible with chrome books)


    1) Be Kind & Mature & Respectful (people, policies, period & property)
    2) Be Prepared &  Be On-Time
    3) Social Studies Electronic Device Policy is that phones, ear buds/earphones will be taken to the office if they are being used during class without teacher permission - no additional warnings will be given.  Consequences will correspond with the misbehavior (warning, phone call home, detention, referral, etc.).  


    Answers WG questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES.  Write detailed answers (be specific, use examples & avoid pronouns), as if you were explaining it to someone who knew nothing about World Geography. 

    LATE POLICY   (same as GISD policy)

    Work is due when it is asked to be turned in – if it is turned in later that day (even later the same class period) it will be considered LATE.

     1 Calendar Day =  -10 points    2 Calendar Days =  -20 points  3 Calendar Days = -30 points      More than 3 calendar days = 0 (zero)

    Having an A & B days schedule means that YOU are responsible for coming in before/ after school to turn-in late work to avoid further penalty for late assignments, even if it’s not it is the day you have WG class!

    TEST RETAKES (same as GISD policy) 

    After a failing test grade you have 5 calendar days in which to retest.  Retests are during tutorials only(refer to tutorial times above).  CORE students may only retest once for each failed test.  70% is the maximum grade a you can earn on the retest.  A student’s grade will only be improved through the retest process, so your grade can only go up.


    Final exams are worth 20% of your semester grade, so KEEP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS, NOTES & REVIEWS; they are vital to use to prepare for final exams.  There are NO test retakes on final exams (GISD policy).


    GISD policy is 70% Major Grades (tests, projects, essays, etc.) + 30% Daily Grades (classwork, homework, participation) = nine week average.  Each nine week grade average is weighted 40% of the semester grade, semester exams are worth 20% of the semester grade (40% nine week average + 40% nine week average + 20% semester final = semester grade).  Semester grades are averaged to determine the yearly average.  
    • If you have an individual question (concept, grade, assignment) see me before or after school so I can give it the time and attention it deserves. 
    • You can always e-mail me or leave me a voicemail.  
    • students asking for some kind of favor / due date extension/ exception, will probably like my response more if you ask individually, rather than inf front of your classmates.