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    Jenny Carter 

    Mitchell ElementaryPhone: 943-5000 x.8325
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    My Education & Teaching Background               owl




    Hi and welcome to my website!

    My name is Jenny Carter and I am a Kindergarten teacher at Mitchell Elementary.  We are going to have a wonderful year of learning and fun! 

    Education & Teaching Background:

    • B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming, 1990
    • I have 13 years of teaching experience with GISD
    • I have 15 years of teaching experience. I taught for two years for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Schweinfurt, Germany and two years in Tennessee and Wyoming, plus my years here in Georgetown.

    All About Mrs. Carter:       Jenny Carter

    I love being a Kindergarten teacher! I believe it is the most time consuming grade to teach, but also the most rewarding! The growth I witness from my students each year is incredible! Kinders #1!

    I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a small but beautiful town nestled close to the Grand Teton mountain range. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We have also lived in Germany, Tennessee, and now call Georgetown home. We have lived here for 15 years now. It is such a great place with so many wonderful people.

    I have a great family. My husband, Bob, is a helicopter pilot in the National Guard and spends a lot of time traveling on missions. I also have two boys that attend the University of Wyoming. My oldest son, Alex, has an B.S. in Physiology and will graduate with a Doctorate in Pharmacy this May. My son, Zach, is a Accounting Major at the University of Wyoming. Both of us love sports!

    When I get a break from school, I love to get pedicures, shop (especially for clothes and shoes), and go to movies. I also love to entertain friends and family and do fun, creative things. My husband and I also LOVE to travel. We are addicted to going on cruises and have been all over the Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Mexico on numerous cruises. We also enjoy going to Europe! 

    We are going to have a great 2018-2019 year in Kindergarten and I'm very lucky to have such a great class!



    ABCs of Kindergarten

    Attendance is very important!  If your child misses school, please remember to write a note or call the office telling why your child is absent.


    Check your child’s Bookbag, every night and especially on Thursdays for Mitchell Folders.

    Every child’s Birthday is important.  Please contact me if you’d like to send in cupcakes.  We can organize summer birthdays at the end of the school year or on their ½ birthday.


    You will receive a PTA Calendar and a class newsletter every month to let you know what is happening.  Please post it somewhere for easy reference.  Communication is important.  Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or a concern.  Please keep the attached communication card in a convenient place for future reference.


    Our system for Discipline is simple.  We work hard to make the classroom a positive & safe place for all.  Rules are agreed upon during the first week of school and reviewed often.  Plan, Think, Stop.


    Please help your child learn to Enter and Exit the building safely.  They should always be escorted by a grown-up unless being assisted by a teacher at morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up.


    We will be going on Field trips.  We always like for parents to go with us, but younger siblings are not allowed.

    G is for the good times we will have learning all year!


    Students will have a small amount of Homework each week. Assignments will be on a homework calendar and will be sent in your child’s homework spiral.  The children will earn stamps/stickers for all homework completed and returned on time.


    It is Important to keep all records current.  If you move, get a new phone number, or change transportation, please be sure to inform the school.


    Don’t forget to Join the Mitchell Elementary PTA!  Parent participation is important and valued!


    The Key to a successful school year include good communication between school & home, a positive attitude, class work turned in on time & good attendance.


    We will be checking out Library books each week.  The books will stay at school for us to share with each other and our reading buddies until December.


    Money is difficult for a child to keep track of.  Please send in any money in a sealed, labeled envelope.


    Our school Nurse is on staff to take care of emergencies & needed medications.  If your child has a fever or has been sick the night before, please do not send them to school.


    Always sign your child in and out at the Office when picking him/her up or dropping off.  Please be prompt when picking your child up.


    Parent/teacher conferences will be held in October.  I will look forward to meeting with parents individually.


    Please be sure that I have your current Phone number at home and at work.  I also need a number of a trusted friend or family member to call if we cannot reach you.  It’s important that I be able to reach you in case of an emergency.


    Always let me know if you have any Questions or concerns.  I’ll gladly address them. 


    Please review our school Rules with your child.  It’s important that your child and understands & follows our classroom rules.


    Reading is very important.  Please read to your child as often as possible.  I strongly encourage you to read together every night for at least 10 minutes!


    We will do Show & Tell at school later in the year.  You will know when it is your child’s turn because they will bring home a “Sharing Sack”!  Please return the sack the following day for the next person to have his/her turn.


    Please help your child learn to Tie his/her shoes.  We hope that everyone knows how by December!


    Your child is important to us!  We will always treat your child with lots of love, respect & Understanding!!


    We love parent Volunteers.  If you have some time to offer, either in the classroom or at home, please let me know!  Help is always appreciated.  You must complete a background check prior to volunteering and always sign in at the office to get a Visitor’s pass.  Strangers on campus cause concern and will be asked to report to the office.  Remember, not everyone knows you!


    Have you child Wear practical clothes to school.  Tennis shoes need to be worn everyday for P.E.  Also, please label all jackets, sweaters, backpacks, and lunch pails with permanent ink.


    We have eXtra clothes in the nurse’s office if your child has an accident, or gets wet, etc.  If your child needs a change, the school nurse has some articles of clothing that she will lend.  The supply is limited!  These clothes need to be washed and returned the next day.  NOTE: If you have any old clothes to donate to the school, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Please remember that You are your child’s first and most important teacher.  No one can influence your child’s life in the way that you can!


    Z is for zoom!  Sit back and watch your child’s skills take off!  You will be amazed and surprised at the changes this year.