•  "It is acceptable to be wrong because of logic, but not because of lack of effort."
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               Mr. Brinley

    Credit Recovery/ASST. Baseball Coach
    Georgetown High School
    Phone: 943-5100 x7189

    My Education

    Teaching Background

    • 10 Years in LEUSD at Elsinore High School (History, Head Baseball, A.D.)
    • 13 Years in GISD Credit Recovery and 9 years Coaching Baseball at GHS

    Schedule:       A/B Day               RM                      

    Period 1             Credit Recovery                                   121
    Period 2A/B       Credit Recovery                                121
    Period 3A/B       Credit Recovery                                121
    Period 4A/B       Conference                      BSBfield
    Period 5                        Baseball Athletics                         BSBfield