• Mr. Murray's Class of History,

    Culture, and Awesome

    Picture of me and my kids in front of the Battleship Texas
    Jimmy Murray

    6th Grade Social Studies

    Contact Info:
    Email: murrayj@georgetownisd.org
    Phone: (512) 943-5090 ext. 6938

    My Schedule

    1st  Period    8:40 – 9:28     6th Grade SS PAP
    2nd Period    9:31 – 10:29   Conference/Meetings
    3rd Period   10:32 – 11:12   Advisory
    4th Period   11:15 – 12:03   6th Grade SS PAP
    5th Period   12:06 – 12:54   6th Grade SS
    Lunch         12:57  – 1:27
    6th Period     1:30 – 2:18    Conference/Meetings
    7th  Period    2:21 – 3:09    6th Grade SS
    8th Period     3:12 – 4:00    6th Grade SS PAP

    Keeping up with Class


    You can sign up to my Remind to get text reminders sent directly to your phone. This is completely free (assuming your phone plan doesn't have a per text charge). I will do my best to send out reminders concerning homework and upcoming tests. All you have to do is send a text to the number 81010 containing the code for the class you wish to join.

    6th PreAP Social Studies: @6thpapss

    6th Regular Social Studies: @6thcoress

    You should get a confirmation text letting you know that you've been signed up.

    Google Classroom

    Almost all assignments are always available in Google Classroom! Here are the classroom codes:

    1st Period: 4qjxpw      

    4th Period: jxso5z9      

    5th Period: 4xu35m    

    7th Period: sbgepb  

    8th Period: pfkp7


    I was born and grew up in the Clear Lake area of Houston, right by Johnson Space Center. I got my undergraduate in English Literature (yay books!) from Texas A&M (class of 2003 WHOOP!), and then moved to Austin to work on my Masters in Film Studies. I ended up staying in the Austin area to work as a software developer for a group of legal companies in Austin... but helping attorneys more effeciently incoporate legal entities was perhaps even more soul crushing and less fulfilling that it sounds.

    So... I ended up moving to China. I had never really travelled or lived abroad, so I took the chance to move to China to teach English. I taught students of all ages: from four year olds to middle school students to college kids to middle aged businessmen. Teaching made me feel fulfilled in a way I'd never experienced in any other job, so when I moved back to the United States I went to school at night to get my teaching certification. I've been working as a teacher in Georgetown for more than a decade now, and it's been a pretty amazing ride!

    Even more than being a teacher, I'm defined by being a parent: I'm a single dad with two amazing kids, and being a father is far and away the best, most meaningful, and most important thing I will ever do.

    Thanks for taking a few moments to read my story. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email!