Mrs. Kimberly Goodwin   Statue of Liberty            

    8th Grade American History 
    8th Grade Team Leader

    Forbes Middle School
    Phone: 943-5150 x.7742

    Email: goodwink@georgetownisd.org 


    My Education & Teaching Background

    • I am a graduate of Texas A&M University (Class of '04).  Aggies
    • I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies and I am certified in Language Arts, Social Studies and ESL for grades 4 through 8. 
    • This is my 13th year teaching, all in 8th grade social studies here at Forbes. 
    • My husband and I have two children, Karlie, 6, and William, 3.

    Mrs. Goodwin's Daily Schedule

     1st Period  8:45-9:35 PreAP American History
     2nd Period  9:39-10:29 American History 
     3rd Period  10:33-11:23 American History
     4th Period  11:27– 12:17 Design 
     5th Period 12:21-1:11 Pre AP American History 
     6th Period  1:15-1:45  Lunch
     Flex  1:49 – 2:05 Flex Period 
     7th Period  2:09 – 2:59 American History
     8th Period  3:03– 4:00 Team
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