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Robin Blankenship - 8th Grade Science

  • My Education and Teaching Background:

    • Education from The University of North Texas
    • 21 years of experience
    • 5 years private preeschool teaching experience

    Hello, my name is Robin Blankenship and I am very excited about teaching your children all about Science. I have been a Science teacher for 26 years and am very passionate about teaching children about science and the world around us and to have fun while we learn. I have lived in Georgetown for 25 years with my husband Al and our 3 children, Matthew, Andrew, and Sara Grace. Matthew is 24 years old and  Andrew is 20 Both have graduated from Richarte High School. Sara Grace, our youngest is 18 and graduated from Georgetown High School. We love Georgetown and all it has to offer. We love to hunt, fish and camp in our time off. 

    In Eighth grade Science, our focus is Physical Science. We will begin by studying Lab Safety, which includes learning the classroom rules and procedures, and lab safety. We will then begin studying Chemistry and how atoms make up our lives.  Our next unit of study is the awesome universe that we have the privilege to live. We will then begin studying the Earth-Moon-Sun system and how day and night, seasons, lunar phases, lunar cycles, and tides affect our lives as we live on planet Earth.  We will start the second semester with the study of physics and how motion and forces affect how the world around us works. Next, students will begin to study weathering and erosion of the Earth's surface and the movement of the plates of the Earth. Students will study weather to investigate how our atmosphere moves across our Earth and the role the oceans play in creating our weather systems. And last, will finish up the year with a study of ecology and the impact of the biotic and abiotic factors, and the relationships that organisms have on our Earth.

    As you can see we will have so much to study this year, as well as preparing 8th-grade students to take the Science STAAR. Students will have a STAAR Review for the two weeks before taking the STAAR Test in Science. We will be having an awesome but very busy year this year. I look forward to having your children in my class.

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