• Comprehensive State Counselor Plan

    CSCP Four Delivery Components

    1. Guidance and Advising Curriculum- This category consists of structured lessons designed to help students attain the desired competencies and to provide all students with knowledge, attitudes and skills appropriate for their developmental level.

                       Classroom Guidance

                       Small Group or Large Group Guidance

    2.  Individual Student Learning- School counselors coordinate ongoing systemic activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.


                        Behavioral Interventions

                        Academic Planning or social/emotional planning

    3.  Responsive Services- Responsive Services are activities designed to meet students' needs and concerns.  This can be remedial, preventative or crisis response

                        Individual Counseling (check-ins)

                        Crisis Intervention

                        Small Group Counseling

                        School-related (academic or social/emotional)


                        Relationship concerns or conflict

    4.  System Support- Indirect Services are provided on behalf of students as a result of the school counselor's inteactions with others including referrals for additional assistance, consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers and othe educators.


                         Program Management

                         Professional Development


Last Modified on August 2, 2023