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    Alan Carey (MPA, BA)

    Subject Areas

    AP Macroeconomics and Fundamentals of Economics

    Contact Information

    Phone: 943-5000 x 7558

    About Me


    Masters in Public Administration/Government Information Systems, Southwest Texas State University

    BA: History/Political Science, Southwest Texas State University

    Teaching Certifications

    Composite Social Studies (6-12)

    Specific Education (6-12)

    Teaching Experience

    23 Years at GISD

    Other Experiences

    Military: 10 years-Marine Corps and Army

    Military Occupations/Skills


    Radio Operator

    Combat Lifesaver

    Military Intelligence: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Specialist



    Fall Semester

    1st Period:
    2nd Period:
    3rd Period:
    4th Period:
    5th Period:
    Spring Semester
    1st Period:
    2nd Period:
    3rd Period:
    4th Period:
    5th Period:

    8:00-8:40 AM

    During 1st and 5th Periods by appointment

    Use of Electronic Devices in Class
    Use of a cellphone or other electronic device is prohibited in class unless such a device is used for educational purposes and at my discretion per GISD Policy.

    Grading Policy

    Make-up work: Students will be expected to complete daily make up work and major grades within 4 days per absence. For multiple absences, students are expected to contact me for due dates on make-up work. Students shall be expected to make up assignments and tests after absences.

    Students shall receive a zero for any assignment, test, or project (Per GISD Policy) not made up within the allotted time. Within this framework, the maximum time allowed shall be determined at the discretion of this teacher according to the individual circumstances.

    For late assignments that are not considered make-up work, the following penalties apply upon returning to school:

    -10 for the first day

    -20 for the second day

    -30 for the third day

    0 on the fourth day

    Make-up tests

    Make-up testing will be done before or after school, or during the student’s lunch period. Students shall receive a zero for tests not made up within the allotted time (Per GISD Policy).

    Retesting: Fundamentals of Economics

    Retesting is available to students that score a grade lower than 70 on a major unit exam. Retesting will not be available for semester exams or projects.

    Time frame: After a student receives notice of a failing test grade/project grade they five (5) school days in which to complete a retest. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule a time to retest.


    Retesting: AP Macroeconomics

    Same policy except advancement students can only retest once per nine weeks