• iPad Basic Training for Teachers
    MODULE 3: App Management
    REMINDER: Before completing the tasks in Module 3, make sure you have registered for this module in Eduphoria Workshop. A direct link to the course registration is below: 
    In Module 3, you will:
    • 3.1 Learn how to install FREE apps from the App Store
      • Install these four apps: i-nigma, iBooks, Educreations, iTunesU
    • 3.2 Understand the importance of logging out of the App Store
    • 3.3 Open apps to use them and close apps temporarily or completely
    • 3.4 Understand security issues of staying logged into apps when sharing an iPad with students
    • 3.5 Know when and how to update apps
    • 3.6 Learn strategies for finding good apps for education
    • 3.7 Know how to delete an app from your iPad
    • 3.8 Move an app on the same screen and between screens
    • 3.9 Use the dock (static row on the bottom of iPad screen)
    • 3.10 Create folders to organize apps



     Next Please proceed to the first section in this module: 3.1, & 3.2 Installing Apps and App Store Precautions.
Last Modified on September 16, 2014