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Course Request Verification

Skyward Family Access allows parents and students to view PDF versions of their student's secondary course request verification sheets.  

Please access Skyward Family Access at the following link:

Viewing Course Request Verification Sheets under Mailings
After you log into Family Access, click the Mailings button on the menu bar towards the bottom on the left. 
After you access the mailings tab, you will see a list of all posted documents, including the Course Request Verification Sheet.  Click on the link to view the documents.
Viewing and Signing Career Plans (4 Year Plans)
To view your high school student's 4-year plan, click the Career Plan button on the menu bar towards the bottom on the left, and then select your student's name from the menu at the top of the screen. 
Career Plan button




You will be able to review your student's four-year plan for high school.  Click the View Full Screen button if you need to expand the screen to view all years.  Once you have finished reviewing the plan, click the link that says "Sign" next to the red wording that says Guardian Signature is required at the top of the plan.




The signature window will open. Click the checkbox next to "I Agree" and then click the OK button to sign the plan.




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