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High School Summer School Registration

Georgetown ISD is offering high school summer school for students who need credit recovery, STAAR EOC test preparation, or to earn original credit in Government, Economics, or Health.  Read more about summer programs on the GISD Summer Programs website. Families wishing to register their student for high school summer school can do so in Skyward Family Access begining on April 21, 2023 following these steps.
Log Into Family Access

To register your high school student for summer school,  log into your Skyward Family Access account.  If you did not know how to access Skyward, click here to view instructions for how to log into Family Access.

Access Online Forms
The registration form for high school summer school can be accessed by clicking on the Online Forms button on the left side of the screen.  Locate the student's name you wish to register for summer school, and click the link Fill Out Form next to the HS Summer School Registration Form.
Fill Out Form
Complete the High School Summer School Registration Form
Select the session dates and times your student will attend, and the type of classes your student needs. If your student is taking any original credit courses, select which courses.
If your student will need transportation, also enter that information in the form.
Summer School Form
Complete the Form and Submit Your Registration
When you have completed the form, click the Complete step 1 and Move to Step 2.  
When you have completed each step using the "Complete step" button, a green check mark will appear in the navigation menu, indicating that the step is completed. Make sure you click the button to submit the Summer School Registration for your student.  You can then return to the home page and complete the steps for each additional high school student in your family who is attending summer school.
Please note: High school counselors and summer school staff will process your registration form after it is submitted.  If you selected original credit courses, an additional fee payment may be due.  There is no fee for credit recovery or STAAR EOC exam preparation.
Questions or problems?
Contact our helpdesk at for assistance.  Be sure to include your full name, your phone number, your student's full name, and your student's birth date so we may verify your account more quickly. Your patience at the start of the school year is greatly appreciated, when we have a very high volume of parent helpdesk requests.