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Online Free and Reduced Meal Application

Skyward Family Access allows you to complete an online free and reduced lunch application for your family.  The Free and Reduced Lunch Program provides students from eligible families with a free or reduced lunch at school.  

The Free and Reduced Lunch application MUST BE COMPLETED EACH YEAR AFTER JULY 1st.  Your children may be eligible for free or reduced-price meals if:

  • Your family receives government food stamps
  • Your family receives Aid for Needy Families with Children (ANFC)
  • Your family income is at, or less than, certain income levels

Applications for free & reduced meals are available from the school office or can be completed online in the Skyward Family Access parent portal at any time.  All applications will be kept confidential.

The steps below explain how to access the online free and reduced lunch application in Skyward Family Access.

1. Log into Family Access

To access the Skyward Family Access Food Service module, click here for instructions on logging into Family Access
2.  Select a Student

From the menu at the top of the screen, under the words Family Access, make sure you have just one student name selected if you have multiple students at Georgetown ISD.  If you do not select a student first, you will not have access to the links you need to add a new application.  Although you do have to select one student to start the process, please note that you only have to submit one application regardless of how many students are in your family.  You do not have to repeat the process for each of your students.

3.  Select Food Service

After you have made sure only one student name is listed, click the Food Service button on the left hand side of the screen to access the Food Service options.

Food Service


4.  Click Applications

Click on the link that says "Applications" on the Food Service page above the Lunch Menu and Lunch Calendar link.





5.  Review Current/Prior Year Applications and Add Application

The applications screen shows all prior applications you have submitted and the status of those applications.  If you do not have an application on file for the current school year dated on or after July 1st, you will lose benefits after the 30 day school start grade period if you do not re-apply and re-qualify for the current year. 

Click Add Application to apply for the current school year online.

6.  Review Letter, Directions, Income Chart, Privacy Act, and Non-Discrimination Statement

The online free and reduced meal application will open. The first few screens are information for you to review.

A. Review the letter to parents and click Next.




B. Review the Directions for Applying, check that you have read them, and click Next again.




C. Review the Federal Income Chart, make sure you meet the requirements, and click Next again.




D. Review the Privacy Statement and click Next again.




E. Review the Non-Discrimation Statement and click Next again.
7.  List All Household Members Who Are Infants, Children, and Students  

List all members of your household who are infants, children, and students up to and including grade 12.  If you need additional spaces, check the box that says "Add More names to Application."  Click Next when done.




8.  Check Assistance Programs Received

If you receive assistance from any of the programs listed (SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR), check the box and enter the EDG number and follow the instructions.   Click Next when done.




9.  Report Income for ALL Household members

Skip this step if you entered an EDG number in the previous step.  Otherwise, follow the instructions to report all income for your household.   Click Next when done.




10.  Provide Contact Information and Adult Signature

Provide your address, phone, and name.  Click the link to electronically sign the form and then click the button I Agree in the window that will appear.   Click Next when done.




12.  Submit Your Application

The next screen will show your entire application.  Review the information.  If needed, click the Previous button to return to a prior screen and make corrections.

When you are sure your application is correct, click the Submit Application button at the top of the page.  Your application is not complete and will not be received until you click the Submit button.


After you click the Submit button, your pending application will appear.  If you see mistakes, you can update the pending application and re-submit it.  Otherwise, you can close this window.
Questions or problems?
Contact Jesse Marrujo at Nutrition Services:
512-943-5000 x7176
Your patience at the start of the school year is greatly appreciated, when we have a very high volume of parent phone calls and questions.