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Online Returning Student Registration

Georgetown ISD utilizes online returning student registration in our Skyward Family Access portal. The process typically takes only about 5 minutes per student, and allows you to verify all of your student's data is correct and provide updates for any important data that has changed, such as contact phone numbers, emergency contacts, and student health history.  Returning student registration must be completed before students receive schedules or homeroom teacher assignments for the upcoming school year.

Who Needs to Complete Online Registration?
Online registration must be completed for each returning student in the district prior to the start of the new school year.  The registration process allows you to verify that the information we have on file is accurate.  Parents and guardians in the student's primary family will have access to online registration.  The student's primary family is the one in which the student primarily resides and to whom the student's residency address was assigned.   Secondary families and parent/guardians in those families can still use Family Access but do not need to complete the online registration process.
If your student is new to the district, you will complete New Student Online Enrollment when you first enroll them and you do not need to also complete returning student registration. 

Log Into Family Access

To begin the Online Student Registration process for the current school year, log into your Family Access account using the information you were sent in a back-to-school email.  If you did not receive this email, click here to view instructions for how to log into Family Access.

Online Returning Student Registration Access
The Online Student Registration links will appear in two places - on the Family Access main home page, and on the left menu.   If you have multiple students, you will see multiple links to access each student's registration forms.
Overview of Student Registration Process
Click either on the Student Registration link on the home page or the Student Registration button on the left-hand side to start the process for the first student in your account. The following are the required steps in Returning Student Registration: 
  • Verify Student Information - update your contact information, address, and emergency contacts.  Please note that if your address has changed you must also submit proof of residency to your school registrar. A recent utility bill (gas, water, electric) in the name of one of the parents is preferred.
  • Releases and Signatures - update your electronic signature and confirm student media, information, and yearbook releases.
  • Student Health History - update your student's health history and provide the school nurse with critical health information.
  • Student Services Survey - identify special programs or services your student may require.
  • Family Assistance Survey - enroll in GISD's family assistance program and provide school counselors with lists of your family's needs, if any.
How to Complete Each Step of the Process

On each step, verify the information shown is correct.  If changes are needed, make them as needed.

When all data has been verified and/or corrected on a step, click the Complete step button for each step and click Next to go to the next section.   You will need to mark each step complete, even if no changes are required or made. 
How to Submit Your Student Registration
When you have completed each step using the "Complete step" button, a green check mark will appear in the navigation menu, indicating that the step is completed.
When all sections are checked completed, the final step allows you to complete and submit the entire registration for that student.  Make sure you click the button to submit the Returning Student Registration for your student.  You can then return to the home page and complete the steps for each additional returning student in your family.
Questions or problems?
Contact our helpdesk at for assistance.  Be sure to include your full name, your phone number, your student's full name, and your student's birth date so we may verify your account more quickly. Your patience at the start of the school year is greatly appreciated, when we have a very high volume of parent helpdesk requests.