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Student Preferred Name Requests

If your student uses a nickname, middle name, or other preferred name instead of the legal first name from your student's birth certificate, you can submit a preferred name request in Family Access to include this name in your student's profile.  NOTE: This process is only for preferred names and not for legal name changes. If you have changed your student's legal name, please submit the updated birth certificate to the campus registrar instead.
  • Log into Skyward Family Access.  (instructions for login here)
  • Click on the Student Info tab on the left side of the screen. The Student Info page will appear.
  • Click the link that says "Request Changes for Student Name" above the name of the school and then select the "Student Information" link from the drop-down that appears.
  • The Student Information window will appear. Towards the middle of the page, under birthday, type the student's preferred name in the Other name field. 
  • Click Save when done.
  • A campus registrar will review and finalize the request and it will be added to your student's profile in Skyward.  
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