Perry Siegel

  • 2016-17 Schedule

    1st Period (8:45-9:50) -   Env Sys
    2nd Period (9:52-10:52) -  Physics
    3rd Period (10:54 - 11:54) -  SeaPerch
    Lunch (11:56 - 12:31)
    4th Period (12:34 - 1:34) - Advisory
    5th Period (1:37 - 2:37) -  Biology
    6th Period (1:37 - 2:37) -  Edgenuity classes
    7th Period (2:39 - 3:54) -  Conference
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  • My Education & Teaching Background

    I received my bachelors degree in Zoology (minor in chemistry) from Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Az) and received my graduate degree in biological sciences from Texas A&M Commerce December 2017. I also spent 6 1/2 years in the United States Army prior to becoming a teacher.
    This is my 11th year teaching at Richarte High School and I have taught the following courses:
    Env Sys
    I also am the SeaPerch underwater robotics sponsor for RHS.
    The courses I am currently teaching are listed in the left column.
    Previous to my employment at GISD, I spent a semester teaching IPC at Stony Point High School (Round Rock, Tx).
    I can be contacted at:

    Phone: 943-5000 x.7232