Team Titan

Shelby Blaydes - Art

  • Hello!  My name is Shelby Blaydes.  I am the proud mother of a Wolf Ranch Pioneer.  Her name is Peggy and she is in 2nd grade.  She is also a avid artist and musician(which I am not!!!)

    This is my 11th year of teaching.  I have been the Art I teacher at Tippit Middle School for 4 years- Go Titans!!!   Art is one of my passions and I cannot wait to begin our artistic journey together!

    Phone: 512-943-5040 EXT. 6471


    My Schedule:


    1st period: 8:40- 9:35

    2nd period: 9:38- 10:40

    Lunch: 10:40- 11:10

    3rd period: 11:13-12:08 CONFERENCE

    4th period: 12:11- 1:06

    5th period: 1:09- 2:04

    6th period: 2:07- 3:02

    7th period: 3:05-4:00

    Tutorials are offered before school, by appointment only.