Welcome to Tippit Orchestra

  • About the Program

    • Although the Tippit Middle School Orchestra Program has been around a while, it got its first full time director in 2016. 
    • It currently has around 70 students divided into three orchestras: Beginner, Philharmonic (Non-Varsity) and Chamber (Varsity). 
    • The Tippit Middle School Orchestra performs four concerts a year: Fall Concert (October), Winter Concert (December), Pre-UIL & UIL Concerts (Spring Semester), Spring Concert (May).
    • The Tippit Middle School Orchestra also perfoms for the Tippit Middle School Veterans Day Program along with the Tippit Middle School Band and Choir each year in November.
    • The Tippit Middle School Orchestra also performs for The Wesleyan Nursing Home in December and is open to more community performances as well.
    • In January 2019 we were included in a KXAN News story about recent renovations to our campus: KXAN Tippit Renovation (with Tippit Middle School Orchestra)
    • In the 2018-2019 and 2022 School year, our Chamber Orchestra received Sweepstakes and our Philharmonic Orchestra received ones in Concert at UIL Concert and Sightreading Evaluation