• Sabrina Smith

  • Cirruculum:

    Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)

    We will read the same book the whole week. 

    • Monday: I read aloud while they follow along. The focus is on comprehension.
    • Tuesday: Popcorn read. The focus will be on vocabulary. 
    • Wednesday: Silent read. The focus will be on phonics. 
    • Thursday: Echo read with an emphasis on fluency. The focus will be on writing. 
    • Friday: Test reading passage individually. Quiz over story. 

    * At the end of each period, I read aloud a chapter book. 


  • Grading:

    I will give participation grades and quiz grades. For Participation:

    • 100: Student completed task without any prompts
    • 90: Student needed 1 reminder to complete task
    • 80: Student needed 2 reminders to complete task
    • 70: Student needed 3 reminders to complete task
    • 50: Student refused to complete task or needed 4 + reminders

    *There are extra credit assignments available per student request 

    For Quiz grades:

    • Students will make what they score on the quiz. As of now, they will be able to use their book/notes on the quiz. The plan is to eventually not have it be an open-book quiz. They have one chance to make up the quiz. 






  • Certifications:

    Special Education Early Childhood-Twelfth Grade

    Generalist Early Childhood- Twelfth Grade







    512-943-5040 Ext. 6466



    Masters in English with a minor in Special Education 

    Bachelors in Sociology with a minor in Journalism



Sabrina Smith
  • About Me:

    I have 2 amazing kiddos  My son's name is Liam and my daughter's name is Scarlett. They both love school and go to Wolf Ranch Elementary. I have two sisters. I do have middle child syndrome! I grew up in Spicewood and went to Marble Falls from Pre-K through my Senior year. I love anything pink and glittery! My favorite things are candles, pigs, books, pens, Starbucks, and Chick-Fil-A.