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EVHS Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Responsibilities Phone Extension Email
Allen Alexandra Biology / Aquatic Sceince Teacher 8173 allena1@georgetownisd.org
Anthony Marlin Captain / NJROTC 8228 anthonym@georgetownisd.org
Arellano Maria Forensic Science 8174 arellanom@georgetownisd.org
Armstrong Kelly Credit Recovery 8096 armstrongk@georgetownisd.org
Ash Siobhan Math Teacher 8055 ashs@georgetownisd.org
Baugh *** Mary Science / Dept. Chair 8085 baughm@georgetownisd.org
Behlmann Kevin Orchestra Director 8141 behlmannk@georgetownisd.org
Benton Amanda English IV / Head Girls Soccer Coach 8090/8111 bentona@georgetownisd.org
Betts Kelsey English Teacher 8071 bettsk@georgetownisd.org
Boling Cody Athletic Trainer 8122 bolingc@georgetownisd.org
Bonewald Michael Math Teacher 8170 bonewaldm@georgetownisd.org
Bonner Waco ILC 8167 bonnerw@georgetownisd.org
Bowerman Scott FBALL/ Fr.Bball-Boys bowermans@georgetownisd.org
Bowman James Chief / NJROTC 8229 / 8230 bowmanj@georgetownisd.org
Boyd Phoebe Art Teacher 8031 waggonerp@georgetownisd.org
Brabandt JoAnn Support Staff Para 8193 brabandtj@georgetownisd.org
Bradford Kristina Dyslexia Intervention/ Bio,Physics,Enviro Sci 8045 bradfordk@georgetownisd.org
Branstetter Jacob Math / Football & Soccer Coach 8048 / 8137 branstetterj@georgetownisd.org
Breslin Karen French Teacher 8092 breslink@georgetownisd.org
Brown Meredith CTE Health Science 8072 brownm4@georgetownisd.org
Brown Mickey Counselor Secretary 1802 brownm@georgetownisd.org
Brown Robert Science Teacher / Coach - Powerlifting 8223 brownr2@georgetownisd.org
Browning Amber ESOL and Student Council 8044 browninga@georgetownisd.org
Bruce Beverly Content Mastery 8064 bruceb@georgetownisd.org
Burton Mike Physics / Cross Country Coach 8180 burtonm@georgetownisd.org
Last Modified on April 1, 2020