• Mike Burton Mike Burton

    Physics - room 403
    East View High School
    Phone: 512-943-8000 x 8180
    Email: burtonm@georgetownisd.org





     1st Period - Cross Country
     5th Period - Earth & Space
     2nd Period - AP Physics
     6th Period - Conference
     3rd Period - Conference
     7th Period - Earth & Space
     4th Period - Pre-AP Physics
     8th Period - Pre-AP Physics
    For information on the Course Syllabus, Class Notes, Powerpoints as well Review Questions for each section, please visit the Science Department website.        

    Access your Textbook Online

     The new textbook can be viewed online using the website below or using a disc (let me know you want one & I’ll obtain one for you). There is a VERY limited # of textbooks in the bookroom.  The option you choose is up to you, as long as you have access when I give an assignment or you need clarification on something I’m good.

    o  http://www.essential-physics.com/TX/sbook

    o   Student ID login 742  379  6973