• Mrs. Jennifer Whitehead

    Welcome! I am excited about this new year at EVHS.  I am a native of Lubbock, TX and I graduated cum laude from Lubbock Christian University in 2003 with a BSIS in Secondary Education and I worked at the same high school that I went to.  When my husband was hired at Concordia University, we happily moved to Georgetown.  It has been such a wonderful place to be that I cannot imagine a more perfect job than teaching English at East View.  I look forward to our new year! 

    Class/Course Information 

    I am very active with my Google Classroom.  Students will have assignments and documents located there. 

    Students did have a Summer Reading assignment of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.  You also needed to complete the Major Works Data Sheet (see attached). 

    PreAP courses move quickly and cover rigorous materials.  I look forward to delving into the "good stuff" with my kids! 

    Current Schedule

    Period 1A - (8:45 - 9:35) English II preAP
    Period 2A (9:40 - 11:15) English II preAP
    Period 2A (9:40 - 11:15) conference
    Period 3A (11:20 - 1:25) English II preAP
    Period 3B (11:20 - 1:25) English II preAP
    Period 4A (1:30 - 3:00) English II preAP
    Period 4B (11:20 - 1:25) conference 
    Period 5 (3:05 - 3:55) English II preAP

    My Expectations

    In our classroom, we...
    1. ...treat each other with respect through our words and action
    2. ...come to class prepared to learn with supplies and assignments
    3. ...put away our devices.
    4. ...always do our best! 
Mrs. Whitehead