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GISD 2023-24 Secondary Course Guide Updated

In an effort to continually provide robust learning experiences for our secondary students, GISD annually reviews its programs and course offerings while making updates that align with our district’s mission and vision. These course offerings are published each year in our GISD Secondary Course Guide. Having just concluded this process, the 2023-2024 GISD Secondary Course Guide is now available on the GISD Teaching and Learning website.  

We encourage families who have students in GISD secondary schools to orient themselves to the Course Guide which not only lists all course offerings for middle and high school students but also provides a number of additional useful information to help students get the fullest from their secondary school experience and prepare them for their post-high school plans.  Some course addition highlights from this edition include:

-Fundamentals of Computer Science (8th grade)
-Practicums in A/V Production and Business Management
-Musical Theatre

Lastly, our annual course guide revision process also includes updates that come to local school districts as a result of new legislation and rulings from the Texas Education Agency.  One piece of legislation from the 2021-2022 legislative session (SB 1888)  that has recently gone into effect for public schools is the Texas First Diploma. This program is intended to provide advanced students who graduate high school early with potential scholarship funds for specific Texas colleges and institutions. Specific information and resources about the Texas First Diploma is also included in the front matter of the 2023-2024 course guide.

As our students move into the second semester, school counselors and campus staff will continue to utilize the GISD Course Guide as well as other resources to advise and support students as they plan and reach for their future dreams.