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Benold 20-21 School Supply List


At this time, the majority of school supplies will be kept by the student.  The only item that will be collected by the campus and distributed as needed will be one box of Kleenex/tissue. GISD will be providing each campus with plenty of cleaning supplies, so disinfectants are NOT needed from families to ensure that appropriate cleaning is done. 


Student Supply List   

4 Composition Notebooks (College Ruled)   

1 Package notebook paper (College Ruled) 

1 Package of Graph Paper

2 Packages of Index Cards (3” x 5”)             

4 Packages of Pencils (12 pk)                       

1 Package of Blue or Black Pens                  

1 Set Colored Pencils                        

1 Pair of Scissors       

2 Bottles of Glue           

1 Package of Expo Dry Erase Markers 

(4 pk) 

1 Package of Highlighters                

1 Box of Kleenex/Tissue Paper  (Optional; Collected by Benold)                                     

1 ½ “ 3 ring binder (Required)

Earbuds for use with Chromebooks (Required)

*Planner/Organizer (Required)

1 Personal Pencil Sharpener (Optional)

 *All students will use a planner/organizer.  Students will have one of three options for this resource:  their own paper planner, a campus-created paper planner, or Google Calendar.  Students will be supported in maintaining their planner/organizer during their Advisory class.


All Non-Core Classes:

All Electives/Fine Arts/Non-Core class supply lists will be provided by the teacher(s) for those classes during the first week


 You can order your supplies and have them sent directly to you from Yubbler if you choose to do so.