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Ford Elementary @elementaryford
Principals and Office Staff
Mrs. McMullen @JBMcMullenedu
Mrs. Patterson @JPattersonFORD
Mrs. Torres @MrsTFordOffice
Mrs. Gerdes @trishagerdes
Intervention Team
Mrs. Alff @AmandaAlff1
Mrs. Conrad @JodiConrad15
Mrs. Graham @grahamrunicorn
Mrs. Osterman @DenaOsterman
Sandy Kendell (Ford's Digital Learning Coach) @DLCoachSandy
Mrs. Cavanaugh @kdcavanaugh
Coach Stevenson @CoachStevenson
Ms. Baker @MusicFordElem
Ford Elementary STEAM @ford_stem
Mrs. Jones @MsJonesArtClass
Mrs. Thiel @libraryford
Clubs and PTA
Critter Club @CritterFord
Ford PTA @ford_pta
Mrs. Esquivel @esquivel_mrs
Mrs. Firkins @firkskinderkids
1st Grade
Mrs. Lane @Lanes_Ford
Mrs. Spilotro @Mrs.Spilotro
First Grade @FirstiesFord
2nd Grade
Mrs. Alexander @MrsAlexanderS
Mrs. Mills @MrsMills20
Mrs. Savage @PSavageTeacher
Mrs. Vanicek @kvanicek07
3rd Grade
Mrs. Jansson @mrskatiejansson
Mrs. Lane @MrsLaneAtFord
Mrs. Shafer @MrsShafer307
Mrs. Walton @mrsswalton
Mrs. Wilkinson @MsLoveless2019
4th Grade
Ford 4th Grade @Ford4thGrade
Mrs. Jenkins @MrsJenk38062718
Mrs. PK @MrsPksClass1
Mrs. Shinners @4thShinners
Ms. Wyatt @Wyatt4thFord
5th Grade
Ford Elementary 5th Grade @5thFord
Ford 5th Grade @Ford5thGrade
Mrs. Allen @mrsallen5th
Mrs. Buckley @bukcley_class
Mrs. Prater @TracyPrater11
Mrs. Whitmire @Whitmireford5th
Georgetown ISD Team:
GISD is now on Facebook!  Follow our district at Georgetown ISD
Georgetown ISD @GeorgetownISD
Georgetown ISD Counselors @GISDCounselors
Georgetown ISD Athletics @AthleticsGISD
Georgetown Ed Foundation @gisdedfound
Dr. Brent @fredbrent06
Benold Middle School @
Georgetown High School @GeorgetownHS