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Lunch Visitors

Lunch Visitors:  Our Mustangs love having their parents visit them or treat them for lunch, and we do too!  It's a special time for our students to spend their lunch with special visitors. When visiting for lunch, it's important to remember these key procedures below:

  • All lunch visitors are required to sign in at the front office and wear your visitor badge at all times.
  • Please remember that the "Foods of Minimal Nutrional Value State Rule" allows parents to provide their child with food, treats, or snacks, but food may not be shared with other students at anytime unless it's a designated party day through the school that has been reported to the State.  Please also remember that if you visit your child or student for lunch, other students are not able to join you on the stage unless their parents are in attendance too for this same reason.
  • Once your child's lunch is over, we ask that you please give your child their hugs goodbye and sign out through the office.  Please remember that your student's regularly scheduled instructional day continues after lunch.  This includes recess.  Parents that check in for lunch should not attend recess with their child or visit other parts of the school building. In order for parents to participate in recess with their child or a class activity, parents need to be signed in as a volunteer AND previously schedule the visit with a teacher or staff member because of access to students.


Please note that the campus is Closed to visitors on State Assessment days.