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TEA releases 2018 Accountability Ratings

As we begin the school year with a continued focus on inspiring and empowering every learner to lead, grow, and serve, the Texas Education Agency is releasing the 2018 accountability ratings for public school districts in Texas. Overall, they rated Georgetown ISD a B (Recognized Performance).

Additionally, individual campuses were issued a rating of either Met Standard or Improvement Required. More information on campus ratings is available on our website.

While the district received a B rating, the state’s accountability system is extremely complex, relies heavily on STAAR and end-of-course (EOC) exams, and does not accurately reflect the accomplishments of our students that take place each day and throughout the entire school year.  

“Our ultimate accountability is to our students, parents, staff and community.  While the parameters around accountability continue to change, we are proud of our students, teachers and staff for the work they do each year,” said Superintendent Dr. Fred Brent.  “I know that a single test and a single grade do not define our district. What we are doing with curriculum and assessment programs will, over time, result in an increase in student performance on the State test.”

Some may argue that a letter grade is simple and easy to understand. While the assessment of learning is critically important, we don’t believe that a single standardized test should be the only measure of learning or progress. To better understand how ratings are calculated, you can view the full accountability manual at

“We are proud of our students, teachers, and staff, and proud of the work of our strategic plan that began in 2014 that called for a new learning model with customization and innovation at every level,” said Board President Scott Stribling. “Our Board is committed to improving student learning so that all students are prepared for their future. We believe in the direction we are headed.”

As educators, the focus of our work is to prepare students for their future and we acknowledge that getting them there is a process. We believe in being accountable for the development of the whole child and remain committed to providing successful learning outcomes for all students. We do that through:

  • Providing full-day pre-K for qualified students. We know that access to early learning can be crucial in preparing students for kindergarten.
  • Expanding opportunities for students to explore career and technical courses. We offer more than 60 and have added programs in rocketry and geoscience this fall.
  • Offering rigorous AP and dual-credit courses in high school, where students can earn college credit. In fact, credit hours earned by GISD students last year equate to more than $500,000 in tuition savings.
  • SAT and PSAT testing. In 2017-2018, the district paid for all students in grades 8-11 to take the PSAT and SAT tests at their home campus. By removing the barriers of the exam cost and transportation to a testing location, students had increased access to post-secondary options that require SAT scores. And they excelled, beating the State average by 6%.
  • Implementing a curriculum that aligns to the State standards and is designed to meet the needs of our students while fulfilling the traits of the Learner Profile.
  • And our graduation rate outshines the state at nearly 98%.

“As a dad of students in our schools and as superintendent of GISD, I am proud of our work and excited about the future,” Dr. Brent said.  “My children, like yours, and the schools they attend, are doing so many great things that are not measured by this accountability system. I hope you agree.”