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Cornerstone Award for Education

February 9, 2017 

GISD Superintendent Dr. Fred Brent received the Cornerstone Award for Education at the eighth annual Community Impact Summit and Cornerstone Awards held at the Chamber of Commerce last week. 

The awards recognize and celebrate the four cornerstones in Georgetown, Texas. Local leaders from the community were invited to come speak on their work in health care, education, economic development and public safety. The awards hope to spotlight leaders and organizations doing their part in Georgetown’s fast growing community.

Southwestern University President Dr. Edward Burger spoke on the state of education and the future role education will play in Georgetown as central Texas continues to grow. Dr. Edward Burger then spoke on GISD’s specific role in our community and presented Dr. Brent with the Cornerstone Award for Education.

View an excerpt of Dr. Fred Brent’s acceptance speech on twitter here.