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February 21 Board Brief

Please click this link to watch Superintendent Dr. Fred Brent's video message. 

Community-Based Accountability System (CBAS)

Last night, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to charge GISD leadership to develop a community-based accountability system. This system would reflect the values of our community; would be driven by the district’s vision, mission, and beliefs; aligned to the strategic plan; and would communicate progress toward attainment of the Learner Profile. A community-based accountability system would provide a higher level of accountability for GISD than the state system.  

Wagner Middle School Transition Plan

Wagner Middle School is on its way to completion, but due to heavy rains, the opening of the school will be delayed.

  • Sixth and seventh grade students zoned to attend Wagner Middle School will begin the 2017-18 school year at the Williams Elementary School campus. Williams Elementary was already slated to be empty with Williams students and staff planning to move to the new Purl Elementary beginning in the fall of 2017.
  • Wagner students will have all of the same instructional and extracurricular programs available at the other GISD middle schools, including football, volleyball, and cheerleading.
  • The Wagner facility is scheduled to be completed by mid-to late October with the expectation that students will be moved into the new building following the Thanksgiving holidays; however, the athletic facilities are expected to be ready for use in August.

To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Wagner Middle School, visit the Wagner Middle School website.

District of Innovation 

The Board unanimously approved the plan that officially designates Georgetown ISD as a District of Innovation. The process to become a District of Innovation (DOI) began in May when the Board adopted a resolution to explore the designation. A committee made up of teachers, parents, and community members evaluated the eligible exemptions and designed a plan that is aligned to the district’s strategic plan and supports teaching and learning in GISD. The committee was given full authority to craft a DOI plan through open discourse, consensus building, and voting for collective approval. The plan was posted in January and the District Performance Council held a public meeting and approved the plan February 8.

“As a teacher and a parent in Georgetown, I am very excited that GISD is going to be a District of Innovation,” said Ashley Gaylor, a 5th grade teacher at Cooper Elementary. “The plan allows us the flexibility to really follow our district's beliefs and empowers us to create innovative, personalized learning for our students. I enjoyed the challenging process of developing the DOI plan. The discussion and debate among teachers, administrators and community stakeholders allowed different views and voices to be heard and drive the creation of the final plan. Being a part of a district that truly wants what is best for students and community is inspiring.”  

Board President Scott Stribling said, “I'm so proud of the way our community and district leaders collaborated to explore DOI and what it might mean for our students. Georgetown ISD is again proving to be a very dynamic and forward thinking district that makes it continually more attractive to families and area leaders.”

The GISD District of Innovation Plan will go into effect during the 2017-18 school year.

2017-18 Calendar 

The Board approved the new 2017-2018 calendar that will allow for a start date of Aug. 17 and end on May 31. The school calendar has allowed for a shorter school day, benefiting GISD students. View the calendar for the upcoming school year.   

Three New Hires
Dr. Malinda Golden was named the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning; Lannon Heflin will serve as the district's Chief of Technology and Innovation; and Denisse Baldwin will be the principal of the new Purl Elementary School. 

New Attendance Zones

The Board approved new attendance zones to optimize capacity at our current campuses and accommodate future growth in the district. Descriptions of the zones affecting elementary and middle schools, Google Earth maps, and Grandfathering Forms are posted at