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We need your input to select a 2024-2025 calendar!

We know that our GISD school calendar impacts nearly every person in our community.  For that reason, we have engaged our District Performance Committee, made up of campus and district delegates as well as representatives from the community at large, the business community and parents. Additionally, we are seeking your input as we finalize the calendar development process. Please take a few moments to review the options below and leave your feedback on a short 2 question form. 


A few items to know about the calendar development process and the calendar options. In October, our staff and community shared feedback regarding the current/previous calendars.  Key elements of the calendar are considered and options are created to reflect as much of the feedback as possible. Each calendar option below reflects the following: 

  • 187 teacher work days including flex/comp days 
  • 2 days of inclement weather time built in 
  • Professional learning days earlier in the school year
  • Ending the school year before Memorial Day

Key considerations when developing the calendar options include, but are not limited to: better balancing professional development days, aligning spring break with neighboring school districts and universities, ensuring thoughtful placement of holidays based on feedback, and continuing with a mid-week start date.

See the calendar options and leave your feedback HERE.