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GISD Bridges Graduates Walk the Stage

On May 16, the Bridges class of 2022 transitioned to their next phase in life.

There were six graduates in this year's Bridges class: Daisy Reed, Emilio Escalante, Abigail Gober, Cash Harper, Brian Ramirez Mendes, and Brandon Sedwick.

Bridges is a transitional program designed to support students by helping them apply the skills they have learned in school to their adult life. The focus of the program is to put an adult schedule in place and increase independence and functional skills. 

The experience these six students have gained during their time at Bridges has empowered them to leave the program with big plans for the future. 

"I really love gaming, and I want to work at Game Stop," Sedwick said. "The jobs I had at Bridges will help me take that step."

You can view photos from the graduation celebration here. 

You can read more about Bridges on our website