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Board Briefs from Dec. 12 Regular Board Meeting

GISD Board receives proposed rezoning plan 

The District presented its updated elementary and middle school attendance zone proposal to the Board at the December 12 Board meeting. The plan has been amended to assist in the overcrowding of elementary and middle schools, and to make progress towards creating true feeder patterns for students who will attend Georgetown High School and East View High School.  GISD will hold a public input meeting on January 5 at 7 p.m. at Georgetown High School and a second public input meeting on January 10 at 7 p.m. at East View High School.

Highlights of the approved boundaries are:

  • All students from McCoy Elementary will now attend Forbes Middle School.
  • All students from Village Elementary will now feed into Benold Middle School.
  • All students from Purl Elementary School and Pickett Elementary School will attend Tippit Middle School.
  • All students from Mitchell Elementary School and most of the students from Carver Elementary School will attend the new Wagner Middle School. A small portion of students from Carver Elementary will attend Tippit Middle School.
  • The rezoning draft has allowed for true high school feeder patterns and middle schools of similar sizes will be feeding into GHS and EVHS.
  • With the new rezoning boundaries, elementary school student cohorts will remain together with the exception of a small portion of Carver Elementary School.  
There are no changes to current high school assignments as part of this proposal. Students will continue to attend the high schools they are currently assigned to.

For more information, or to submit a question, please visit


Trustees approve District belief statements

During the process of reviewing the strategic plan, it was determined that the current set of district beliefs should be refined to be consistent with the district’s mission, vision and goals. Since September 2016, there have been several workshops involving district staff, teachers, parents, and community and business members to review goals identified in the strategic plan, evaluate current district initiatives and assess our capacity to reach those goals. Based on the input and feedback from these workshops, the set of beliefs has been refined to accurately reflect the district’s vision and mission. To view the refined GISD belief statements approved by the Board of Trustees, visit click here.


GISD Board swears in Ben Stewart as new member

Ben Stewart was sworn in as the interim Place 7 school board member at the Monday, Dec. 12 Board meeting to replace Ronna Johnson who resigned from the Board due to a relocation.

Ben has been married to his wife, Sarah, for 14 years and they have two girls who currently attend Carver Elementary. 

If you would like a more in depth view of the Dec. 12 Board meeting, you can watch the archived live stream video at



·      The GISD Board recognized the December Jack Frost Citizens Award recipients for their outstanding volunteer work and service in GISD. December Jack Frost Award winners from GHS were Jamie Downs and Preston Cummings. December Jack Frost Award winners from EVHS were Jackie Doss and Shelby Brainard.

·      Healthy High School Challenge –GHS Student Council President and Vice President and the East View Student Council President gave a presentation to the board about how student council is spending the money they have raised through fundraisers and won through the Healthy High School Challenge. 


Information Items:

·      Dr. Bryan Hallmark, Assistant Superintendent Operations and School Leadership, shares the 3rd Quarter Demographic Report with the Board. To view the demographic report, visit

·      Dr. Bryan Hallmark, Assistant Superintendent Operations and School Leadership, presented a zoning draft to the Board.  Information about the rezoning process, as well as draft rezoning maps can be found at  

The Board approved the following Consent Items:
  • Financial Report
  • Budget Amendment #5 for 2016-2017
  • Annual Investment Report
  • Professional Hires
  • November 14 Board Meeting minutes


Action Items:
  • The Board of Trustees adopts the refined District Beliefs.  
  • The Board approved the action to authorize a Parameters Bond Order for Series 2017