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Update on Anti-Bullying Measures and David's Law

“David’s Law,” legislation intended to combat cyberbullying (Senate Bill 179), went into effect September 1, 2017. This law makes it a Class A misdemeanor when a student harasses another through text messaging, email, cameras, social media, websites, applications or other electronic means. It also requires schools to notify parents if their children have been bullied and to notify the parents of children accused of bullying.

David’s Law requires all school districts to have a system for students to report bullying anonymously.  Here in GISD, we have implemented an anonymous online reporting system called Stay Safe!

Stay Safe! allows students or parents to anonymously submit concerns of bullying, cyberbullying or other harmful behaviors. Message topics may also include family difficulties, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, student depression, weapon-related issues or abnormal student behavior.  Each school has a link to the form on their webpage and on the district Stay Safe! page. Simply fill out and complete the online form. School counselors and administrators will receive a copy of the submitted form and are responsible for facilitating follow-up to the report.

Stay Safe! is not a 24-hour crisis hotline and will only be monitored during school days and school hours. In case of an issue requiring immediate assistance, users are directed to contact 911. Other community resources that can help in an urgent situation are Williamson County Crime Stoppers (1-800-253-7867) and Bluebonnet Trails Community Services (1-800-841-1255).

In an effort to address incidents relating to bullying, harassment, and other harmful behaviors in GISD,  we thoroughly reviewed our bullying reporting and investigation processes and made the following updates:

  • School counselors now play an integral role in responding to bullying by being the first to review and respond to all reports received by our Stay Safe! Anonymous Online Reporting System.
  • To improve campus response time to a bullying concern, an assistant principal or a counselor will document concerns in a Bullying Investigation Intake Form.
  • The investigation paperwork is now completed electronically, allowing the district to track incident reports across campuses.  
  • School counselors now provide support to all students involved during and after the investigation process.  
  • In order to support our campuses in the implementation of this updated process, all principals, assistant principals, and counselors have received additional training.

We believe it is important to review this information with your student or students and make sure they are aware of these new provisions. The safety and security of students is the highest priority of Georgetown ISD. If you have any questions, please contact the counselor or principal at your child’s school.