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EVHS and GHS Choir Students advance to Area Auditions

Texas All-State Region Choir Auditions were held on October 7, 2017 at Round Rock High School.  This audition involves preparing four pieces of choral music and singing cuts from these pieces individually in a blind audition for a panel of five judges.  The following students were selected for the All-Region Choir which held a clinic and recital on Sat. Nov. 11 at the Klett PAC. Students making chairs 1 – 15 compete at the Pre-Area Audition. Students making chairs 16 – 17 are alternates for Pre-Area.  Students making chairs 26 – 50 will perform with the All-Region Treble Choir.  Students marked with an (*) will move on to compete in All-State Pre-Area Auditions on Tues. Nov. 14.


EVHS Region Mixed Choir Members (EVHS had all 14 students competing make Region Choir for the first time ever)

Makenna Lang – Soprano 1

Avery Vickers – Soprano 1*

Chrissy Poole – Alto 1*

Emma Mathews – Alto 2*

Adam Bray – Tenor 1*

Daniel Cavazos – First Chair Tenor 1*

Jason Spicer – Tenor 1*

Daniel Gonzalez – Tenor 2*

Grayson Minneman – Bass 1*

Ian Piel – Bass 1*


EVHS Region Treble Choir Members

Mica Beam – Alto 1

Rebecca Pace – Alto 1

Casey Raleigh – Alto 1

Olivia Russell – Alto 2


GHS Region Mixed Choir Members

Hannah Norwood – Soprano 1

Kylah Sutton – Soprano 1*

Maddy Thompson – Alto 1

Marsha Zimmerman – Alto 1

Mariah Koshy – Alto 2*

Catherine Kenner – Alto 2

Caitlin Johnson – Tenor 1*

James Killingsworth – Tenor 2*

Michael Pharr – Tenor 2

Joshua Morris – Tenor 2

Carter Miller – Bass 1*

Sam Mauldin – Bass 1

David Monroe – Bass 2*

Evan Ramirez – Bass 2*


GHS Region Treble Choir Members

Sammy Bautista – Soprano 1

Casey Gilley – Soprano 1

Shelby Hunt – Soprano 1

Lauryn Frias – Soprano 2

Caitlin Duplechin – Alto 1

Ashley Lillian – Alto 1

Cici Seiler – Alto 1

Natalia Cueva – Alto 2

Savannah Gonzales – Alto 2

Zoey Pray – Alto 2

Jill Spiller – Alto 2


EVHS and GHS Choir Students advance to Area Auditions

East View High School and Georgetown High School Choir students have advanced to Area auditions in January, at Midway High School in Waco. Our students competed against area schools at the Pre-Area Level of TMEA All-State Choir Auditions in Cedar Ridge to advance. Students auditioned in 3 movements of a 6 movement choral work, and also competed in the sight-reading contest.

Please join us in congratulating the following students for their achievement:

Adam Bray,1st Alternate, Freshman
Emma Matthews, Freshman
Daniel Gonzalez, Sophomore
Daniel Cavazos, Senior


Mariah Koshy, Junior
Carter Miller, Senior
David Monroe, Junior


EVHS and GHS Area Choir Students East View High School and Georgetown High School Area Qualifiers