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District Rezoning Process will Establish Zones for Campuses Opening in 2024

Growth in Georgetown requires thoughtful planning, and the board of trustees reviewed a demographer’s report at the October meeting that presented the latest enrollment projections across the district. Two new campuses will open for the 2024-25 school year and seven campuses are at or nearing capacity.

A committee was formed, composed of district leaders, parents and principals at impacted campuses, charged with reviewing options and recommending attendance zones that consider student demographics and geography while allowing for minimal disruption to student cohorts over time.

The rezoning process will create attendance zones for San Gabriel Elementary School, located in Santa Rita Ranch, and the new Benold Middle School, located in Parmer Ranch, both of which are under construction now and planned for a late summer 2024 opening. Additionally, some current zones are being recommended for an adjustment, and those adjustments may impact families currently attending: Wolf Ranch Elementary, Williams Elementary, Mitchell Elementary, Cooper Elementary, Forbes Middle, Tippit Middle and Wagner Middle School. Zoning for high school campuses remains unchanged in this proposal. 

We invite you to join us at a public meeting to learn more about these proposed changes. View our zoning website for: