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Proud Home of the Roadrunners

Georgetown ISD named the roadrunner as the mascot of the new Everett L. Williams Elementary School, one of two new elementary schools opening in GISD in the summer of 2020. This announcement follows a survey period where students, families, and staff were asked for input on the school’s new mascot and brand assets. 

Roadrunners exhibit admirable characteristics, some of which echo GISD’s Learner Profile. Roadrunners are known for their speed and courage. They are fast and nimble, keenly aware of their surroundings and always adaptable. Roadrunners are native to Texas and can often be seen in local fields and habitats. They symbolize diplomacy, communications, intelligence, and awareness.

Williams Elementary School was paid for with funds from the 2018 Bond and was built to accommodate for the fast growth in the southeast portion of Georgetown. It will become GISD’s 10th elementary campus.