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Nominations Sought for District Performance Council

The Georgetown Independent School District is seeking membership for the District Performance Council (DPC).  There are three categories of membership outside of the district:  parents, community members, and business members.  In order to serve as a parent representative, you must have students enrolled in the district.  Nominations, including self-nominations, are welcomed.  Nomination forms can be downloaded here or obtained at the GISD Central Office, 603 Lakeway Drive. Nomination forms are due no later than August 10, 2016.   

The DPC serves a very important role at GISD.  One of the primary functions of this committee is to work with the district in the development of the District Improvement Plan (DIP), Education Code 11.251 (b).  The goal is to assist in establishing and reviewing the district’s and campuses’ educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs.  Another major function of this committee is to have input on the district calendar prior to submission to the Board of Trustees.  It is important that prospective committee members understand the role of the committee. 

District policy establishes that the committee will be made up of professional district staff, parents of students enrolled in the district, business representatives, and community members. At least 2/3 of the membership, represented by district professional staff, must be classroom teachers.  The remaining 1/3 will be non-teaching district and campus staff.  Additionally, the committee shall have at least two business representatives, two community members and two parent representatives.  It is important that the DPC represent the community’s diversity. Committee members are elected annually.  The DPC meets at least twice annually.

For more information, contact Dr. Jeff Burke, Assistant Superintendent of Academics, or Michelle Paige, Assistant to Dr. Burke, at 512-943-5012 or