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2021-22 State & Federal Report Cards are Now Available

The 2021-22 School Report Card (SRC) and the 2021-22 Federal Report Card (FRC) are now available to view on the district's website at


Summary of School Report Card (SRC)

The SRC is a report required by Section 39.305 of the Texas Education Code and is prepared each year by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for each campus in the state. There is no district or state-level SRC. It is a campus-only report.

The SRC is intended to give a broad view of campus performance by combining the following information:

  •  the campus’s accountability rating
  •  data from the campus’s Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), and
  •  financial information.

The information contained in the SRC is described in more detail in a document entitled 2021-22 School Report Card Definitions – which is also posted and available at the link provided above.


The SRC for your school may or may not have all the information described because the information presented depends on whether the school is an elementary, middle, or high school.


Summary of Federal Report Card (FRC)

The FRC is a report required under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). Each year, TEA prepares an FRC for the State as well as each district and campus in the State.