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July 20: Announcing Remote Start to School Year

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Our plan to return to school in August continues to evolve, and I’m reaching out today with an important update presented to the board of trustees today. 

As you may know, the Texas Education Agency’s guidance allows school districts to begin their  year with a “flexible start” by offering remote-only instruction for a designated period of time. Following that announcement and feedback from our community through surveys and other stakeholder groups, we made the decision to start the school year by offering remote-only instruction for the first three weeks. 

What we know today:

  • The school year will still begin on Thursday, August 20 with all students learning from home through structured delivery from teachers.  
  • We plan to begin offering on-campus learning on September 10 for students who choose on-campus as their preferred learning environment. 
  • Our Technology team is working on a process to deploy devices and wi-fi hotspots in advance of August 20 to help set up every student with the access and support they need to start the year with success. 
  • Tomorrow, we will pull together teachers, principals and members of their campus design teams along with other district leaders to develop a plan for our instructional staff’s return to school and campus. We know that there is much to consider: everyone’s health and safety as we return to school, the preparation for a quality remote start of school for all students and the transition to on-campus learning in September for those families that choose it.  GISD staff will have more specific information on work schedules during August professional learning as well as how we can begin transitioning into a new school year while focusing on the health and safety of students and staff.  

Tomorrow, we will have a more comprehensive update for you that includes our Back-to-School Plan, instructions for indicating preferences for on-campus or remote learning as well as a form for teachers to express interest in delivering remote instruction.

Thanks for your patience and support as we navigate important decisions that impact our entire community.

Fred Brent
Georgetown ISD Superintendent