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Mental Health Resources Available to GISD Students Over the Holiday Break

The holiday season can be a challenging time. As the winter break approaches, the GISD counseling services team wants to remind families of the resources available to them and introduce a new way to ensure swift access to counseling services for students once school is back in session. 

Counseling Service Release Form Now Available in Skyward

We are excited to now offer a Counseling Services Consent Form in Skyward Family Access. We know that the mental and emotional health of students is critical to their learning. Our school counselors and school-based therapists are accessible to students during the school day and can provide access to partnerships for support outside of the school day. By providing consent, families can alleviate any delay in accessing the supports if or when they are needed. 

We encourage families to take a moment to fill out the Counseling Services Release Form in Skyward Family Access during the holiday break. A step-by-step guide on how to access the form is available on our website here.

Note: Providing consent is not a request for support. If you feel your student is in need of counseling services, please reach out to your school counselor.

Care Solace

GISD partners with Care Solace to provide students, staff members and families with community-based mental health-related programs and/or counseling services. Care Solace assigns a personal Care Concierge who will privately ask a series of questions to best understand the specific need. He or she will then seek out options on your behalf. 

You can learn more about Care Solace on our website here.


The Health and Wellness section of our ParentU platform has several valuable resources that may be of use to families during the holiday break, including:

  • Video: Resources, Ideas & Answers for Your Student’s Mental Wellbeing (All Ages)

  • Video: Establishing Routines: Using Visual Schedules, Part 1 and 2 (Elementary)

  • Article: Supporting Children and Teens During the Holiday Season (All ages)

  • Article: Simple Activities for Children and Adolescents (All ages)

We hope these resources are helpful to you. Please reach out to our Guidance and Wellness team through Let’s Talk for any additional information or questions you may have.